"Let’s  keep people off the streets and provide them with a place they can call home"

Changing Lives Housing Trust works closely with the council and different outreach organisations to assure that we reach out to as many homeless people as possible. Being one of the leading providers for shared accommodation in the Royal Borough Of Greenwich we take pride in helping those in need of shelter and accommodation.

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'Life Skill Workshops' that went off in  April 2013 and throughout the year.

Changing Lives Hosing Trust is dedicated to seeing the best come out of our clients lives.

We are working with a specialist team who has expertise in the field of turning peoples lives around who are wanting to make a better life for themselves.

We run hostels and semi-independent shared houses...

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In 2014 we have many new exciting projects on our agenda.

Due to a harsher climate and having many service users struggling with sanctions we started off our new food parcel project which has been a success.

In April 88 food parcels were issued at our office in plumstead and in May 84. This shows how important it is to supply the service users suffering the most after being sanctioned or not getting hardship payments granted. We will keep helping those most in need and intend to continue with this project as a permanent service.

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