"Let’s  keep people off the streets and provide them with a place they can call home"

Wayne has been with us for almost three years. He was homeless and sleeping rough then came to us through 2 Step. After Wayne experienced abuse and violence, he was moved to another hostel so he could focus on his mental and physical well-being without distraction.​Wayne has now moved on and settled in his environment comfortably  He's recently got a new job and is happy working on making a better life for himself.  Changing Lives Housing Trust wish you the best Wayne!


Alex had a difficult upbringing and was homeless for a long time. Since he been with us, he had to overcome a lot of challenges.  He change Hostel's a few times, which can be quite stressful.  Now that Alex has settled down, he is able to progress with his day to day living, and is a happier person and is an real asset to the community. Alex is now enrolled to college and is helping with various charity projects.


Craig was homeless and heard about our charity through word by mouth. When he contacted us and at that time, he was alcohol dependent and just came out of a broken relationship. He has now weekly meetings with the CRI and his life is beginning to go forward.  He is eager to participate with new charity projects.


Alan has a long history of alcohol dependency. He passed through many different organisations and was not able to handle tenancy, so he ended sleeping rough, due the stress of this situation his problem with alcohol, was the worst it had ever been. Sadly Alan suffered a bereavement which started to turn his life around. Now after a few months he is beating his alcohol addiction and has chose to put his health first. Alan was now recommended to be the Hostel manager in one of our Lewisham projects. We are very proud of you Alan, well done!


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